Friday, 13 December 2019

New hobby, new blog!

Recently bought an IceStick fpga development board to play around with self designed CPUs.

I already have quite a bit of things working, including a 8-bit cpu (soc actually) that can be controlled from a terminal program or dedicated monitor. Even wrote a suitable assembler.

Because some of the things I will encounter might be interesting to write about and GitHub is a lot but not actually much of a blog, I thought why not create blog alongside my other ones?

So here it is. Nothing much yet and I have to work on the layout etc. but I hope it might be interesting to some, so watch this space if you are interested in fpga's, especially the IceStick and the Icebreaker!

CPU design

The CPU design as currently implemented largely follows the diagram shown below. It features a 16 x 32bit register file and 16 bit instructi...